Our Approach.

We provide the low code platform to allow YOU to bring digital innovation to life.  Create task focused content, digital processes and native apps for all devices.  Then get them into people’s hands immediately.

We make it easy to surface your important enterprise systems and take advantage of advanced capabilities like 3D, GIS and machine vision.

Our Mission.

Digital Creativity – help everyone solve their digital problems at scale.

We are the platform for Digital Transformation

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Umajin Background.

Umajin has specialised in user interaction, 3D rendering & animation, machine vision and IoT. Our core engine has shipped with over 30 million application instances on devices with partners like Dell, HP, Intel, ASUS, Acer and Sony.

By building the Umajin Platform for everyone – we have opened up the power of the Umajin Engine. Now it’s possible to create amazing experiences with a drag and drop environment and low code extensibility on all devices.

Meet the Team

Research, Development and Design