Powerful Cross-Platform Engine


The Umajin Engine has been developed to run on Windows, Android, iOS and macOS. It uses the native power of the device to deliver stunning visuals using the full power of the device’s GPU. Mixing 2D and 3D worlds, use animation and physics to create amazing visuals with a customizable set of shaders.

Device Features

The Umajin Engine can interrogate native sensors and peripherals of the device (such as Accelerometer, GPS, Camera and many more) to sample and act on cues from the environment.

Processing Power

It processes input from mouse, pen, touch, voice, 3d gesture and webcam to allow the user many options for interaction no matter what environment they are in.

JavaScript Extensibility


The Umajin Engine uses JavaScript to extend base functionality of the system. The JavaScript layer uses the Umajin Object Model and other API’s to interface with the underlying engine. It has the ability to create custom components, feeds and actions to augment your application. A custom component could be anything from a simple data picker to a fully-fledged game.

Rich Object Model

The rich object model is important to productive development and includes items such as; Image, Video, Database, HTTP, Sound, 3D, Shape, Text, Web, I/O, Timer, Webcam and more.


Extend an existing component to work with your security model and data or create a completely new component to display, add or change data in your environment or ours.

Internet of Things, Dashboards & Mapping

The UMAJIN Engine has an amazing array of connectors and protocols for interfacing with IoT devices and big data. Some of the low level protocols include;

• HTTP, Comet and Web-Sockets for normal API calls, and peer-to-peer communications
• Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) for command and control systems; including sensor reading and motor controllers for robotic devices.
• Near Field Communications (NFC) for reading (and writing) of informational tags and inventory control.

These protocols can be used to control RFID readers, Arduino boards, Robots as well as connecting to more passive devices like beacons.

Visualise your IOT data or live IOT devices with real time graphing along with our offline multi-level mapping with beacons and a full online google map component.

Animation and 3D

The UMAJIN Engine has a very powerful animation system which you can use for page transitions or to animate any visual component with fades, rotations, zooms, bounces and more.

You can also use the Umajin particle system to create novel effects on pages - and a 3D model and skeletal animation pipeline from Adobe Fuse ™ along with a library of shaders to really bring models to life.

Umajin also supports full 360 panoramas so you can bring in your VR style captures.

This is all designed to scale and work with hardware acceleration on phones, tablets and desktops.

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