General Questions

Umajin App Creator can publish apps for Windows, OSX, Apple iOS and Android. This supports a wide variety of devices include smartphones, tablets, phablets, desktop computers, laptops, digital displays and kiosks

It costs nothing to create and test an app using Umajin App Creator and Umajin Preview.  You only pay when you publish the app to App Stores or deploy it to your enterprise using the Umajin Portal.

The cost for publishing an app is detailed on the Pricing page.

Umajin Preview is primarily for testing of your app as you create it and sharing the app with stakeholders as it is being developed.  It allows you to share your app with up to 5 other people for testing purposes or presentation.

Umajin Portal is a deployment target which allows an enterprise to deploy several apps through the same app portal.  These apps can be assigned to roles and do not require Store submission to update or deploy so there is a lower publishing overhead.  The Umajin Portal can also use your company branding.  There is a cost to deploying to the Umajin Portal which is discussed on the Pricing page.

Publishing Questions

Umajin Preview is a handy tool which is run on devices. There are versions for all the platforms that we support – Windows, OSX, iOS and Android.  Umajin Preview will show your app on device exactly as it will display from an App Store without having to go through the App Store submission process therefore it is useful in giving your stakeholders a sense of what the app will look like when it is published.  Up to 5 stakeholders can view the app using Umajin Preview.

Publishing to Umajin Preview or Umajin Portal are reasonably trivial processes and will not take very long to achieve.  Note: before publishing to either the Umajin Portal or App Stores, you should always view your app in Umajin Preview.

Publishing to Umajin Preview.
You will need to give your application a name, add a logo and if you want to share the app with stakeholders then you will need their email addresses.  Note: you can share with a maximum of 5 stakeholder at publish time.  You can change the email addresses any time you publish in this way.  Remember that you don’t need to publish to see your own app in Umajin Preview; simply download and install Umajin Preview from the devices store and then login with the same credentials as you do in the editor.

Publishing to Umajin Portal.
You will need to give your application a name and add a logo in the editor.  You will then be directed to the dashboard and asked to enter credentials that your users will enter to use the Portal.  This should NOT be your Umajin App Creator credentials.  You will be asked to enter a method of payment and then confirm that you are happy to proceed with publishing your app.

Publishing to the Device Stores.
Publishing to the Apple App Store and/or Google Play Store needs considerably more planning but means that you have the potential of reaching all App Store users without any need for them to download a container App such as Umajin Portal.

First, you need to provide the various names, screenshots, logo’s and launch images for the two store pages.  This is done within the Umajin App Creator editing suite and must be completed before you move to the rest of the publishing process.  Clicking next in the first publishing step will generate the various sizes of screenshot that the stores require and then synchronise all project assets and information. It will then take you to the rest of the publishing process online.

As part of the online process, you will be able to choose the Store(s) you want to publish on and then you will need to enter the information required to build the Store packages for your app.  This information includes a store name for your app, a version number, signing certificates to validate your company and provisioning profiles.  Information on how to sign up to the stores and collect these is detailed below.

Note: the information needed is different for each Store and will require you to sign up to a developer account – this will incurs additional fees payable to the individual Store and is not part of the Umajin Publishing Monthly fee for published apps.

After you have entered the information needed, you will be asked to enter your payment details using PayPal and the package will be created for you to download and submit.  Any issues with the submission will be directed back to you by the relevant device Store and it is your responsibility to respond to the issues.  Umajin do not warrant that the app will pass the submission process.

Get in touch with us on if you have any trouble and we will try to help you.

You don’t need to publish your own app to see it on devices; simply download and install Umajin Preview from your devices’ store (go to on your device to download Umajin Preview) and then login with the same credentials as you do in the editor.

Although we work very hard to emulate the different devices in the Umajin App Creators editing suite, there are a number of factors that will be different when you view your app on target device(s). Most modern devices have high pixel density screens of different aspect ratios and are of relatively small physical dimensions.  This has an effect on the clarity, scale and layout of any application.

Another factor is performance and although Umajin App Creator works natively to enhance on-device performance, there are still differences between desktop/notebook computers with dedicated graphics hardware and their mobile equivalents.

You can create any number of apps within the Umajin App Creator suite without incurring a fee.  You can also publish to Umajin Preview for testing and sharing with a limited number of stakeholders (maximum of 5) to get approvals or sign-off without paying.  You will only be charged when you publish your new app to one or more of the App Stores, build raw package files or start to use the Umajin Portal to deploy apps to your organization (which allows an unlimited amount of users).

The cost to publish your app to raw files, any of the App Stores or Umajin Portal is detailed on the Pricing page of the website.

Publishing an app will also require you to have a developer account for each Store you wish to publish in. At the time of writing, this incurs an additional yearly fee per organization (not per app) which is payable to the individual Store. This fee is NOT included as part of the Umajin fee indicated above.

Yes, you can publish to Google Play Store and/or Apple App Store.  You are asked which Store(s) you would like to publish on early in the publishing process and are directed to enter the information needed accordingly.

It will take up to 10 business days for an Apple App Store submission to be reviewed whereas a Google Play Store submission can take less than a day after submission to show on its’ store.  If you need to synchronize the Store releases, there is an option to delay the actual Store release even when the app has passed its review until a specific date.  However, the submission is not guaranteed to occur before this date so you should attempt to set a date to account for any submission delays.

You will receive emails from the Store when the app is submitted, awaiting review as well as when it passes or fails review.  If it fails, you will be sent a link to the relevant resolution centre where a list of issues will be indicate problems.

Let us know ( if you have any questions about issue resolution as some of the reasons given can be a little hard to decipher.  Remember that we can’t see the issues so you will need to accurately describe them to us in the email.