Umajin App Creator

Design - Led

Visual drag and drop mobile app builder software with a wide variety of prebuilt device features and app templates.

Top Interactive & IoT Features

Add video, commerce, stores, 3D models, IoT, beacons, location, interactive maps, voice recognition and gesture control.

Update Live Apps & Keep Content Relevant

Ensure images, offers and products are fresh and relevant with CMS-fed content.

A Single Platform

Design, prototype, test and publish mobile apps in one place.

Designer & Developer Collaboration

Create custom, reusable features with javascript and integrate business systems with the API.

Build native, run anywhere

Design & Prototype

Design and configure your app in one place, view across screen sizes.

Preview & Test

Test your app once on any device and it works consistently across iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

Publish Apps for Any Device

Publish multi-platform apps that work across phone, tablets, desktops, kiosks and digital displays.

Relevant and responsive mobile app design

Update Content

Update products and offers while the app is live. Engage users with fresh data, alerts, news and information using a dynamic CMS-fed content to keep your apps engaging and relevant.

Keep apps compatible with new device and OS releases

Future proof your app to ensure interactive features continue to work with new devices, hardware and Android, iOS, macOS and Windows updates.

Secure and Responsive Architecture

Umajin’s hybrid architecture provides a responsive, high performance desktop design experience with secure cloud capabilities via Amazon AWS or IBM SoftLayer.

Cloud Services


The Umajin Cloud Services includes a dashboard system for analytics & reporting from your apps. Instrumentation can easily be added to your app to allow you to track whatever statistics you wish.

Content Management System

Manage the dynamic parts of your app such as feeds, articles and forms. Add, edit or remove content such as images, HTML, text and links and have it all appear in your app without having to republish or submit to Stores.

Synchronization of App Files

Whenever you save your app in Umajin App Creator, it is synchronized using the Umajin Cloud Service so that you can edit your app wherever you are in the world. It also makes the app available in the Umajin Preview so that you can test it step-by-step on actual target devices throughout the creative process.

Umajin Preview & Portal

Test your apps

Umajin Preview allows you to test your apps with key stakeholders before publishing your app. Share your app with the Umajin App Creator. Download the app from the Google Play store or App Store and download your app.

Publish your apps with the Umajin Portal

The Umajin Portal allows instant publishing to your Enterprise or group. Role based filtering allows only the people who should access the app to see it.

It is available on all Umajin supported platforms so that you can deploy it on any hardware in the organization.

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