Create Next Generation

Mobile and
XR Applications

Mobile and XR Applications

Go beyond the desktop and change work and innovation

Build Solutions fundamentally faster
with powerful building blocks


Create spatial, extended reality and AI apps for frontline workers fundementally faster


The core visual rendering and AI layer is hardware accelerated and supports a wide range of devices


Umajin's modular architecture allows the integration of existing libraries, 3D pipelines and AI tools


Umajin is designed to make authoring next generation applications efficient & collaborative

Deploy For All Devices

Manage versions and deploy with ease to any device running iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows. Manage and deploy asset versions, API versions even manage your machine learning models.

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Authoring The Metaverse

Umajin is designed for efficiently authoring applications for the metaverse with low code tools and drag & drop building blocks.

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Extend enterprise systems

Umajin Server provides a consistent, documented and extensible API layer for enterprises to quickly and securely deliver on the opportunities for mobile and web apps, machine to machine transactions and the API economy.

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High quality Machine Vision delivered on low cost smartphones

Over the past 40 years, machine vision has become an important tool for tasks such as defect detection on manufacturing lines, sorting and identifying various types of products, reading barcodes, and even improving safety compliance by monitoring whether workers are wearing appropriate protective gear.

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