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We provide the platform for making and sharing - and you don’t need to be a developer to use Umajin and customize our library of proven solution templates

Umajin Immerse - Your platform to create

From design layout, data management, API’s & connectors, Scripting extensibility, analytics and the ability to instantly deploy to devices - Umajin provides the capabilities you need to solve problems and digitise processes within lines of business.

Umajin App Creator

Ideate & Create Together

Deep component library, solution templates and powerful desktop editor for creation

Umajin Cloud Services

Data & Analytics

Data and media storage, analytics and connections to other cloud systems

Umajin Preview & Portal

Rapidly Share

Applications deployed instantly with rights and roles integrated

Pre-built APIs, Cloud Connectors, JavaScript extensibility

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Umajin Engine

Power your content, digital processes and native apps on multiple platforms with advanced features like CAD, IOT, GIS, media capture and more

Cross-platform Native Deployment

Your apps will run natively on each platform using OpenGL graphics libraries and our API abstraction layer.

Forms, Data & Logic

You can create forms that can be completed offline and saved later. Your existing data and logic are all accessible to you through importers, connectors and/or API’s.

Mapping & Beacons

Beacons can be used with the Umajin Mapping components in areas where GPS and wireless locations services don’t operate well and where the app will be used offline. They can also help the user orient themselves when a map is stylistic rather than geospatially accurate. Beacons will show information and/or trigger actions when within range.

Cloud Services

The Umajin Cloud Services are a set of dashboards, analytics, reporting, content management, data connection, synchronization and connection systems which combine to drive your app even after it is published.

3D, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & CAD

The Umajin Engine runs like a game engine at its core and can drive components requiring very low-level, high speed access to the device hardware.


Umajin’s design led agile process underpins the Umajin App Creator. Designers will feel at home in the powerful editor. Most apps can be created without developer involvement.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Umajin has embraced the Internet of Things with an array of specific components and actions to support connecting to IoT devices; such as Bluetooth LE, RFID and NFC. Components and tutorials incorporate devices such as TouchCode cards, the Intel RealSense camera and other maker kit components are included.


The Umajin Engine allows you to quickly prototype your apps by running them natively on any of the supported platforms; all without having to make a submission to App Stores.

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