Events on the Edge

Building Blocks

Advanced industrial machine vision events turn real world vehicles, people and objects into time stamped and spatially located events


Detect, track, and count people in indoor and outdoor environments. Monitor scenarios such as PPE usage, occupancy limits, safety zones.


Track, count and classify vehicles in indoor and outdoor environments. Check and alert on cases such as number plates, vehicle speeds, or exclusion zones.


Identify, classify, count a specific type of object or familiy of objects. Track and monitor items in a process with real time status updates.


Surface Metrology

Building Blocks

Advanced Industrial Metrology allows detailed inspection of surfaces like concrete for fractures, metal for corrosion and and other features like scratches and punctures.

Surface Inspection for Maintenance

There are many diverse scenarios for surface inspection. Examples include inspecting cracks and fractures in ceramics, concrete and paint. Corrosion and pitting in metallic surfaces. Monitoring wear and part tolerances.

Defect Analysis for Production

Examples for Machine Vision defect analysis include reliably identifying surface faults such as scratches, cracks, bubbles and joints such as on circuit boards. Determining parts exact dimensions and surface shape matches tolerances in the production line.


Machine Learning

Building Blocks

Machine learning is a branch of A.I. which focuses on the use of data and algorithms to imitate the way that humans learn. Umajin is designed to support external cloud capabilities and to be able to run and deploy a wide range of local model frameworks. Umajin also provides corpus management, training and deployment capabilities for your own custom models.

Visual Inspection and Recognition

The ability to use a smartphone camera to accurately read 1D and 2D codes enables innovation in business workflows and supports opportunities for process efficiencies digital transformation. The recognition capability extends to numerous scenarios around formatted text and numbers, such as number plates, credit card details or serial numbers.

Voice Recognition and Synthesis

Voice recognition and text to speech with multiple voice fonts brings interactions with devices to life using the Umajin Platform. Various services are integrated and can be licensed from cloud providers like Azure and AWS, or hosted locally.



In Action

Smart Health Diagnostics

A kiosk that incorporates vital signs sensors and a digital avatar of a receptionist that can greet visitors, inquire about health status, and direct healthy visitors to the appropriate room in the facility.

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