Super safe. Super secure.

Enforce data security with both application level access and a level for individual user roles. Integrate with industry leading authentication and single sign on vendors AWS Cognito and Microsoft Active Directories.

Best practice API’s are built to allow remote access ensuring no SQL is transferred and formal parameterized and validated API’s are generated along with documentation and test capabilities.

Smart Integration. Smart Enterprise.

Caching and real time notification empowers Developers to have content retrieval API’s automatically cached as static files – and to enable a real time socket notification API so all users can be notified when the data is updated.

Enable granular control for REST and Real Time Socket APIs with IdAM support, Authentication, Security and Analytics allowing experiences that put real data into the hands of frontline staff and edge devices for informed decision making.

Built to connect. Designed to extend.

Umajin Server is a smart and secure layer connecting frontline apps with the data from enterprise systems. Quickly and securely add APIs with a Database layer and REST relay to read, update and insert data to leverage or protect enterprise data stores.

Extend services with capabilities including State-Based Workflow, read-only APIs with caching, IoT endpoints, data aggregation to extract more value from enterprise data.

Umajin Platform

The Umajin Platform has a breakthrough architecture consisting of four products your teams can use collaboratively.

Umajin Editor

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Umajin Deployment

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Umajin Cloud

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Umajin Server

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