Many people. Many devices.

The new normal for many app project teams involves globally distributed people working on a variety of devices to design, develop, deploy in rapid cycles. Umajin Cloud has been designed to embrace the fast-paced development lifecycle desired in the modern workplace by ensuring that everyone remains in sync with the latest assets while seamlessly preserving versions and security.

Stay in the loop

The Umajin Cloud includes a dashboard system. This provides analytics and reporting for apps to ensure both development and operational teams have the decision making data they need. Instrumentation can easily be added to allow tracking of any statistics provided by the app design allowing responsive and incremental improvements to the system governance.

Cloud managed content assets

Every app is an experience, and every experience has assets such as logos, icons, images, videos that need to be managed and made available to devices around the world. One of the primary services of Umajin Cloud is to provide a robust Content Management System that manages the extensive range of visual assets, shared resources, text and HTML.

Whenever an app is updated it is synchronized using the Umajin Cloud allowing editing of apps anywhere people are working. The Umajin Cloud makes apps available in the Umajin Editor on any device so that experiences can be developed step-by-step on actual target devices – right throughout the creative process.

Umajin Platform

The Umajin Platform has a breakthrough architecture consisting of four products your teams can use collaboratively.

Umajin Editor

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Umajin Deployment

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Umajin Cloud

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Umajin Server

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