Spatial IoT

Building Blocks

Enterprise systems, enterprise data, IoT sensors, maps and CAD data are critical for today’s modern organization. Umajin provides real time 3D rendering and visualization tools for Digital Twins.

Workflow for Digital Transformation

Workflow is at the heart of automating and digitising business processes. The Umajin workflow engine is designed to support innovation on top of core enterprise software as the system of record.

Over 50 3D formats including NVIDIA Omniverse

Umajin makes it easy to ingest 3D content with all standard mesh formats and an NVIDIA Omniverse connector to allow leading edge support for industrial systems.

IoT connectors

Umajin can read from sensors directly as well as supporting hubs like Azure, AWS, MachineQ, ThingWorx, Omniverse.



Building Blocks

Smartphones, high-speed networks and connected IoT devices have created a huge opportunity for location aware applications. Umajin’s suite of advanced tools make it easy to create spatial solutions for organizations and front line workers.

Driving workflow with location

Umajin workflow ensures that only important events are raised, making it much easier to focus on what’s important and deliver meaningful improvements to efficiency. The location engine also protects privacy where tracked objects are outside the time or location window.

Location transaction engine

Build on Umajin’s location transaction engine to create powerful asset tracking solutions that collect data from many types of technologies such as fleet tracking systems, applications on smartphones, indoor location systems and other IoT sensors.


Umajin supports a wide range of both 2D and 3D map technologies including 3D building CAD data and 3D photometric scans of buildings. Umajin also has a unique capability of translating GPS to illustrative map locations (think NYC subway maps).



In Action

Agricultural Logistics Using IoT

Getting the right product to the right place at the right time.

Location information combined with route optimization and workflow delivers return on investment in less than 12 months for agricultural co-op in the United States.

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