Real results. Real fast.

Umajin Editor empowers people at all levels in the app development lifecycle from the low code drag and drop configuration through to the deep dive code and enterprise integration. This mix of roles with multi-user editing enables diverse teams to rapidly create, iterate and deliver amazing experiences in rapid iterations.
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Many people. Many places.

Multi-user editing allows people to work simultaneously on the same app. Any changes to properties or behavior are synchronized through Umajin Cloud and can be viewed in real-time by all the other members. People editing can be on any Windows or MacOS device while people using or testing a version of the app can be on any Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows device while being anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Build up. Build out.

Umajin Editor provides a library of Components, Actions and Feeds to enable drag and drop and rapid development using reliable proven building blocks ready for any device. The Components and Actions can access the underlying native engine for 3D, machine vision, low level network access, client side SQL, animation and many more features. Designed for extensibility Umajin uses JavaScript to extend base functionality of the system. The JavaScript layer uses the Umajin Object Model and other APIs to interface with the underlying engine providing the ability to create custom components, feeds and actions.

Umajin Platform

The Umajin Platform has a breakthrough architecture consisting of four products your teams can use collaboratively.

Umajin Editor

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Umajin Deployment

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Umajin Cloud

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Umajin Server

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