Deliver amazing. Make beautiful.

Umajin’s core engine incorporates game technology for beautifully animated and rendered 3D content. The Physically Based Rendering model delivers high end visual experiences on everyday devices allowing that beautiful experience to stay beautiful beyond the carefully controlled demo.

Triple E imagination

Umajin is an enteprise experience engine. A development platform purpose-built to incorporate immersive 3D experiences into enterprise and commercial use cases. Like a game engine, it is designed to develop and render a cinematic experience across a range of devices, but beyond great 3D it also empowers a wider range of use cases that integrate with enterprsise systems and IoT devices.

Optimized for any hardware

The Umajin rendering engine is optimised for low power consumption so it can render scenes without exhausting the battery as quickly as other 3D engines on mobile devices. This increases use cases and accessibility allowing lower cost or existing hardware to deliver 3D experiences whether on a mobile phone or virtual reality headset.

Experiencing data in 3D

Umajin provides a full stack of real-world fusion systems for GPS tracking outside, and radio interpolation for inside tracking. This can be used to provide location for thousands of people and IoT assets in real time in three dimensions. This rich data can then be presented on 3D scenes or models through a traditional device or experienced in an augmented or virtual reality context.

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