X.R Training

Building Blocks

The opportunities to augment or replace existing approaches to training are virtually endless. Umajin has building blocks to address many of the hurdles in this emerging domain, two are highlighted below.

Inverse Kinematics

Umajin allows animated characters to have their animation modified to increase interaction for the people involved. Examples include a character looking in a specific direction, pointing in a direction, placing hands or feet in a specific location. Might seem obvious but inverse kinematics is critical as it makes the virtual scene truly reactive to the people during their training.

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Umajin ensures many people and props can be tracked in real time within the motion capture space. This puts everyone and their props into the same virtual space as the physical space they occupy. This allows participants to easily pass props between each other, collaborate and understand spatial directions including pointing and looking.


Industrial Metaverse

Building Blocks

In many workplaces, from the office to factory to the farm, X.R has the potential to reduce risk and improve productivity by presenting contextual data and information that relates to the physical world. Umajin continues to invest in Industrial Metaverse capabilities such as these building blocks for visualizing data and power optimisation.

IoT Overlay

Umajin provides a full stack of real-world fusion systems for GPS tracking outside, and radio interpolation tracking inside. This can be used to provide location for thousands of people and assets in real time in three dimensions.

Advanced 3D On Mobile

The Umajin rendering engine delivers is optimised for low power consumption so it can render experiences without exhausting the battery as quickly as other 3D engines on mobile devices.


Digital Avatars

Building Blocks

A Digital Avatar is a representation of a user in a computer-generated 3D world. Umajin A.I Avatars are combining the intricacies of Digital Agents and Digital Avatars, in fact you may meet them in the metaverse.

Real-time Avatars

Umajin allows for real time avatars synced with human individuals participating inside the VR experience. Real-time tracking of multiple individuals enables training scenarios with trainees interacting with each other’s real-time avatars naturally inside the virtual world.

A.I Avatars

Digital avatars that people can interact with inside the virtual world. Their behavior can be enhanced to feel more natural with Umajin features such as voice recognition allowing natural and inverse kinematics making avatar animation more life like.



In Action

Virtual Reality Training

Multi participant virtual reality training provides immersive, safe and cost effective training for Police officers and first responders.

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